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Note: Are you an employer or unemployed worker who needs information about unemployment compensation? The Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations can assist you.

The Unemployment Compensation (UC) Reports contain a variety of unemployment insurance (UI) data, including claims, benefits and other unemployment activities.

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About Unemployment Compensation Reports

Data Source

Administrative reports of the Ohio unemployment compensation system, operated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Level of Detail

Depending on the publication, demographic data on claimants by sex, race, age group, family status, industry, educational attainment and county of residence are available. Data cover activities such as continued claims, first payments, weeks compensated, benefits paid and exhausted benefits.

Geographic Areas

Geographic area varies with publication. Data may be available by state, county and former Economic Development Regions Link to map of Ohio's Economic Development Regions.


This information is used primarily in administering the Unemployment Compensation (UC) program. Other uses include service delivery planning, needs assessments, proposal writing & evaluation, and policy making. The information also is used in conjunction with job-loss data to determine amount of income still in local economy. Initial claims can be used as an economic indicator.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the unemployment compensation reports, please e-mail the Office of Unemployment Compensation at UCREPORT_INQUIRIES@jfs.ohio.gov.

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