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Former Occupational Employment Statistics Code to Current Standard Occupational Classification Code

At one time, Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Codes were used for collecting and publishing data. However, the former OES coding system was replaced by the current Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) coding system. Although we no longer publish data based on Occupational Employment Statistics Codes, the crosswalk below is available for your convenience. Also see the Alphabetical Listing of Standard Occupational Classification Codes in pdf.

1. Select an OES occupational code to view its related SOC Code:


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*Search tips:

*Shorter search strings produce more results. Use partial words. "Equip" yields more results than "equipment".
* If you cannot locate an occupation, try different wording. If, for example, searching for " doctor" does not locate the desired code, try searching for such words as "physicians", "surgeon", "internist", etc.
* Try varying single and plural words. "Secretaries" produces results, but "secretary" does not.
*Because the OES and SOC coding systems have different titles and definitions, a search string that is effective in one may not be in the other.

Note: Some titles contain abbreviations that may prevent Keyword Search from locating them.

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