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Green Energy Cluster Crosswalk

Green Jobs and the Ohio Economy is a report series that addresses short comings in green jobs pathways and green occupational knowledge & skill requirements. It provides students, job seekers, and employers with information on green career pathways.

This tool provides a crosswalk from general green energy clusters to detailed employment and wage trends at the NAICS 6-digit level. For more information on the how the clusters were identified and defined, see Green Jobs and the Ohio Economy: The Workforce Skills and Training Ohio Green Industries Need.

Information on the Green Energy Clusters was developed through a specific grant, received from the Department of Labor in federal fiscal year 2011. As the grant has now closed, and considering revisions contained within the 2012 release of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), this query tool is being phased out and will not be updated.

Step 1: Select an Energy Cluster

Replacement or modification of equipment that increases generation output without increasing carbon dioxide emissions; clean coal; advanced nuclear energy, etc.

processing agricultural products into biofuels and manufacturing products from organic materials, for example, soybean processing, ethyl alcohol manufacturing.

increasing energy efficiency (broadly defined), such as LEED certified design/construction, residential window retrofitting, and smart grid.

producing goods used in renewable power generation like turbines, and, for example, producing environmental and energy controls and testing equipment.

developing and using energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and landfill gas and municipal solid waste.

energy consulting or research and development in the fields of biotechnology, engineering, and physical and life sciences, for example, related to reducing dependence on fossil fuels or increasing energy efficiency.

Step 2:

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