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Employment and Wages by Industry Query - 2000 to Present
based on the North American Industry Classification System

This tool provides the number of establishments, number of employees, total wages paid and average annual wage by selected industry for privately owned businesses for the years 2000 to present and is taken from Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages Summary (QCEW or ES-202) data. The data for the most recent year are considered preliminary. Profiles are available for Ohio and Metropolitan Statistical Areas Link to map of Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Workforce Areas and Counties Link to map of Ohio Economic Development Regions. Beginning 1st quarter 2013, data published using MSA definitions based on the 2010 Census. Please note that some industry data are suppressed due to confidentiality.

Notes: 1) Workforce Area definitions change periodically. Maps based on former definitions can be viewed at http://jfs.ohio.gov/owd/wia/wiamap.stm under "Past Workforce Maps". 2) For data for the years 1997-2001, go to Employment and Wages by Industry Query based on Standard Industrial Classification.

Special NAICS Code Change Note: Data for 2017 and later are based on the 2017 NAICS coding structure, while data for prior years are based on the 2012 or 2007 NAICS coding structure. As such, NAICS industries new for 2017 will display data for the 2017 and later only, and other industries could show abrupt increases or decreases from their 2016 (or 2011) values if they were affected by coding changes. Please see the U.S. Census Bureau site for additional information on the NAICS 2017 and NAICS 2012 codes and various crosswalks to new codes. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has a query tool that includes data that are continuous across changing NAICS codes.

Employment and Wage Tool - 2000 to Present
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  Data for Metro and Workforce Areas may be suppressed due to rollup procedures. See detailed explanation below.  
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The data presented were developed from machine readable data files provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program. The source data files were produced by BLS from information transmitted to BLS by Ohio as part of the QCEW program. The summary data are for Private Ownership records only. The BLS QCEW Home Page contains detailed information on concepts and definitions used in the QCEW program. BLS standards to protect respondent confidentiality sometimes preclude reporting QCEW data where a single firm dominates an area or industry. Larger sub-state areas, such as former economic development regions, may trigger confidentiality flags due to the rollup of confidential county data. Further, employer coding assignment changes in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) taxonomy may preclude the posting of certain QCEW data, because of confidentiality requirements. In rare cases, abrupt and large employment changes may simply reflect changes in the employer industry classification.

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