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Labor Market Information... How can it help you? Labor Market Information (LMI) can help you recruit qualified workers, develop job descriptions, obtain affirmative action data, learn about wages in your area and make sound economic decisions.

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Are you developing job descriptions for your company?

Frequently Requested Resources

Affirmative Action Data
Affirmative action data are available from United States Census Bureau Special Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tabulation.

Unemployment Tax Information
The Bureau of Unemployment Compensation can help you with your questions.

Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefit Appeals
For information on appeals, visit the Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations

Wage and Hour Information
For information on minimum wage, hiring minors or prevailing wage, visit the Division of Labor and Worker Safety of the Ohio Department of Commerce.

A Business Partner
The Business Finder is a complete and easily accessed database of companies throughout the nation.

State of Ohio Contacts
The State Directory provides ways to contact state agencies, contact individual state employees and find information on the web.

Business Decisions

Local Area Profiles

What is a good location for a new business?
Business location decisions can be guided by the Employment and Wages by Industry Query that provides information about industries within Ohio, counties, metropolitan areas and workforce areas.

Starting, Maintaining or Expanding a Business?

Simplify Tax Reporting & Payments!
The Ohio Business Gateway offers businesses electronic filing services associated with Workers' Compensation, Employer Withholding Tax, Employer's Report of Wages, and more.

Are plant closings resulting in large layoffs?
Customized Outplacement Plans can be developed for management and labor when plant closings result in large layoffs. This use of labor market information can shorten job search time and guide retraining investments.

How does your staffing compare to other companies in your type of business?
Knowing staffing patterns (distribution of occupations within an industry) can help you determine how your business compares to others. Start-up businesses can use this information to know what occupations they may need. Visit Industry Staffing Patterns & Occupational Patterns.

and More....


Please feel free to contact us with questions about data and publications. Members of the news media who need information about labor market information and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services may contact the Office of Communications.

Phone: (614) 752-9494
Fax: (614) 752-9621
E-mail: ContactLMI@jfs.ohio.gov

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